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  • Short-term finance from £3,5k up to £150k
  • Long-term growth without the long-term burden of costly interest rates
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • 24-hour approval, 90% approval rate
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Short term business funding – how does it work

Business loans with limited terms are becoming more important for SMEs that are growing fast. But what is the exact definition and how does it work? Where long term business loans are intended to meet long term financing needs such as business acquisition or future expansion taking place over a period of many years, a short-term business loan is designed to meet immediate funding needs. Short term funding is set to be paid back in a short period time. Typically within a year, but the loans can have longer terms.

The short term business loans we offer can be used by any type of business, from limited companies and sole traders to (incorporated) partnerships. Businesses usually apply for a limited term business loan if they need working capital or need to manage cash flow constraints. Apply online using our simple application form and we will get back to you within a day to find a suitable term for your business, as well as the right interest rate.

As this is an unsecured small business loan, you don’t need to provide property or other assets as security for a loan. Our processes are fuss-free, quick and our loan terms are flexible, affordable and fully transparent. Take a few minutes to apply online and we will call you the same day to go through your application.

Our simple process

Unlike major banks or traditional lenders, you don’t need a detailed business plan and you don’t need an appointment. Our process is fuss-free, quick and our loan terms are flexible, affordable and fully transparent. Get approved for free and we’ll get to work on releasing your funds.

  1. Apply in minutes using our online application form
  2. We will call you the same day to discuss your application
  3. After receiving all required documents, we will have a decision for you within 24 hours

Reasons to apply for a short-term business loan from Merchant Money

We run our own business too so we understand the pressure of managing cash flow, especially when good deals need to be made. If your small business is in need of an alternate loan, the traditional first port of call is likely to be the high street bank – perhaps the one whose funding helped you to start up your business in the first place. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the safest port in any financial storm facing your business these days.

Merchant Money was established specifically to empower businesses such as yours to reach its goals by offering momentary business finance. We’re proud of our personal commitment to your business and feel it’s the key factor that sets us apart from other lenders.

  • My company is registered in the UK
  • My current debt obligations are affordable
  • I have a minimum of one year’s accounts
  • My minimum annual turnover is £100,000
  • I don’t have a previously liquidated business with outstanding creditors
  • My Director or Shareholder is a homeowner and over 18 years of age

Advantages of our short term business loans

When applying for a business loan, you would typically need to provide evidence of a healthy cash flow, or a substantial amount of capital already in the business. This may not be possible if your operation is already lean and you don’t need the additional assets, but are still competing with bigger players in the market.

A major pro of a short-term business loan is the flexibility it offers. There is no need for assets, revenue or capital, and no early settlement fee when you use us. Another bonus is the shorter payment term (from 1 up to 36 months), which means you can focus on long-term growth without the long-term burden of costly interest rates.

Our process is as simple as it gets: all you need to provide is a personal guarantee from two of your company’s directors. It is also far quicker than the response you could expect from a bank, with approval and funding taking less than a day. Besides, Merchant Money is familiar with small business needs as we have worked closely together with thousands of small business owners.

When are business loans with alternate terms right for your business?

Your business is doing well, and you are looking at expanding your team or physical space. Perhaps you need to outsource a function of your business, so you have your hands free to oversee the day-to-day running of it. Or cash flow has temporarily stalled, which can stop you making the much-needed next steps to grow your business or simply pay the bills.

Whatever the reason, a short-term business loan is exactly what your SME needs, offering a kick-start that solves problems and achieves immediate goals. A flexible and agile small business needs equally flexible finance to remain competitive.

What our customers are saying:

Martin Horner, Director of The Borough (hotel, pub & restaurant):

“Fortunately, Merchant Money understands my business and have assisted me in improving my facilities several times. The process is fast and simple, and the MM team is great to deal with. I will definitely partner with it again.’’

Dominic Boyett, Director EU Coffee Roasters:

”Our facilities are ideal for SMEs in the UK whose businesses are growing or have the potential to grow. Unfortunately, we can’t help startups. If you wish to apply for a business loan, we require your business to be trading for at least 1 year. We do offer an alternative for those businesses that accepts card payments: a merchant cash advance. This flexible product is specifically designed for businesses that accept card payments and is more suitable for startups as we require a minimum trading of 6 months.”

Merchant Money is a member of the Federation of Small Business (FSB) and a Patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB). We are uncompromising in our principles, and practice ethical and responsible lending at all times.

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