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How does it work?

Limited companies often need business loans to achieve growth. If you run a limited company, then knowing how to finance your business is essential in building a successful company.

Unlike major banks or traditional lenders, you don’t need a detailed business plan and you don’t need an appointment. Instead, we take the time get to know our clients better. We assess you and your business holistically. We can offer you secured business loans up to £500k or unsecured business loans up to £150k. For the unsecured small business loan, you don’t need to provide property or other assets as security for a loan. Our processes are fuss-free, quick and our loan terms are flexible, affordable and fully transparent. Get approved and we’ll get to work on releasing your funds.

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Lending money to a limited company

We run our own business too so we understand the pressure of managing cash flow, especially when good deals need to be made. If your limited company is in need of a short term loan, the traditional first port of call is likely to be the high street bank – perhaps the one whose funding helped you to start up your LTD company in the first place. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the safest port in any financial storm facing your business these days. There are reports about the generally discouraging and unhelpful response given by many high street banks to appeals for lending. Indeed, some research has disclosed that currently only 20% of micro-businesses in the UK have been able to borrow from their bank and an alarming one in six of them has resorted to a payday loan.

How to get the right finance for your ltd company

Although there may be other sources of funding available – such as peer to peer financing, crowd sourcing or angel investment, to name but a few – the simple and straightforward business loan is probably still the most sought after. The principles of such borrowing are familiar, many companies consider interest rates to be competitive and repayment periods are often sufficiently flexible to cater to most company needs. We offer unsecured business loans to limited companies up to £150,000 and secured business loans to limited companies up to £500,000.

But business loans are not your only option. If the main revenue of your limited company is collected via card payments, we would recommend to look at our business cash advance product, offering advances from £3,5k up to £500k. The amount advanced to your business can be up to 120% of your monthly card turnover, to be repaid via future card transactions. To apply for a Ltd loan, you can easily fill out our simple application form. We will contact you the same day to find the best loan for your company.

Business loans for private ltd companies

Limited companies can be private or public. A private limited company is the most common form of UK company incorporation. It is set up directly by registering the company with Companies House. Unlike a publicly limited company, where shares are traded on the stock exchange, a private limited company does not publicly trade shares and is limited to a maximum of 50 shareholders. Shareholders are the owners of private limited companies and each holds a certain number of shares in the business. Directors manage limited companies and they can be shareholders as well. Managers are known as company officers.

Local shops, restaurants, or other small businesses are usually private limited companies. Those businesses do not have a national presence. An example of a publicly limited company is a large corporation such as a chain of retailers or restaurants with shares that anyone can buy and sell. Both types can apply for a business loan.

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