Whatever your
business we can help!

At Merchant Money, we understand the complexity of running an online business. Whether you are an eBay, Amazon or any other online retail seller, we offer a variety of loans that will fit your online business’ needs.

Our e-commerce funding is the ideal solution if you want to grow your business. Unlike other forms of business lending that comprise of a lengthy application process and rigid repayment policies, e-commerce funding is quick and straightforward.


When are E-Commerce Small
Busines Loans right for your business?

Our online seller loan can be a good solution for different reasons, but one-time expenses on for example eBay or Amazon are the most common. Use the eBay or Amazon seller loans to develop an e-commerce website, buy equipment, advertise your site or the purchase of stock and equipment. This type of solution could help grow your business and give your business the boost needed.

We’ve also seen businesses use our e-commerce business loans for working capital. With their eBay business loans, they were able to manage cash flow constraints, operations and finances. Also, they used the e-commerce inventory financing to manage general cash flow obligations such as wages, tax and rents. These are just examples, we would always suggest applying and we can then look at your situation and tailor our loans to your business’ needs. We’re here to help your business grow!

Why borrow with
Merchant Money?

With our one minute, secure application form, you can find out quickly and easily how much you could borrow and what you could expect your repayments to be. Directly submit our online application form and our team will call you the same day to discuss your situation. We will then be able to tailor the funding to your e-commerce business’ needs. You don’t have to worry about providing evidence of substantial capital or having collateral to secure your funding. We lend between £3,500 and £150,000 to limited companies, sole traders and (unincorporated) partnerships.


qualifying checklist

  • My company is registered in the UK
  • My current debt obligations are affordable
  • I have a minimum of one year’s accounts
  • My minimum monthly turnover is £100,000
  • I don’t have a previously liquidated business with outstanding creditors
  • My Director or Shareholder is a homeowner and over 18 years of age

The advantages of
E-Commerce Funding

Applying for e-commerce funding couldn’t be more straightforward with Merchant Money. We ensure that our e-commerce loans give you the flexibility you need when running a small business. With that in mind, we offer e-commerce funding for up to 36 months, but with no early settlement fee you can pay back your loan as soon as you like.

We offer competitive interest rates, so you have the power to grow your business with your e-commerce funding rather than become burdened by it. Best of all, you could have the financing you need in less than a day, as we process all requests within 24 hours.

asked questions

When it comes to securing business finance, it’s vital to make an informed decision. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help you in that task.

When do I qualify for a business loan?

We welcome all UK based sole traders, limited companies or partnerships. We require an annual turnover of £100,000 and a minimum of one year’s financial accounts.

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How much can I borrow?

Our Unsecured Business Loans vary from £5,000 to £150,000 and we offer Secured Business Loans up to £500,000. We also offer regulated business loans to sole traders up to £25,000.

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How long can I take the loan out for?

We offer terms from 1 to 36 months, You can always repay early. We only charge interest on the outstanding balance.

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