Getting Instant Loans for Your Online Business: It’s Possible


While online businesses generally do not require as much of an investment as a traditional establishment does, operating in e-commerce isn’t exactly free either. If you do not have the necessary funds available to boost your stock and working capital, you will have a hard time growing your business. Unfortunately, banks and most other traditional financial institutions are seldom willing to give out loans to online sellers because they consider such unsecured loans to be too much of a risk.

Even if you manage to get some of the funds that you need from a bank, the application and approval process will likely take too long and time is of the essence if you are in e-commerce. This, of course, leads one to consider other options and the good news is that there is indeed a better option for online sellers. Reliable online finance companies like Merchant Money, that are solely built with the purpose of providing loans for eBay sellers or for any other e-commerce venture, are most definitely the best and the fastest choice.



One of the biggest problems that most online business owners face is that of meeting the qualification criteria while applying for a loan. They are seemingly unending, complicated, and designed in a manner so that most small business owners find it hard to meet them. Besides, maybe all you need is a small loan to restock or launch a small marketing campaign, but you will still have to fulfil all the formalities that you would need to if you were applying for a million-pound loan! With e-commerce lenders, however, the qualifications are simple and easy to meet, while the two-step application itself hardly takes 5 – 10 minutes to fill up. It’s designed with eBay and Amazon sellers in mind so the criteria are designed in a way so as to suit them the best.

The Process is Almost Instantaneous

The application process typically takes about 5-minutes to complete and after that, you will need to login to the website using your private login details, which will be provided to you after completing the application form. Here, you will need to upload just a few of your business documents for verification purposes. If you qualify, the allotted loan will appear in your bank in 24 hours or less. As you can probably imagine, that’s faster than any bank loan anywhere.

Is there a Hidden Cost?

You will never be charged with any hidden fees or for expenses which were not clearly mentioned in the agreement and in case you have further questions regarding anything, personalized customer support is always available to help you. Furthermore, the interest will always be charged on the outstanding amount after each month’s payment.

Whether you sell on eBay, Amazon, or on any other online site, going to banks that cater to traditional businessmen and offer a long and lengthy process for you to go through is not the wisest of choices; especially when you have better, faster and more friendly options that you can instantly access at any time and from anywhere.