10 Tips for Analysing Your Online Performance


Ideally, your site is meant to bring in new customers and give returning customers a sense of familiarity. However, everything from bad design to technological issues may be negatively impacting your online performance.

Read on to discover more about this issue and how to fix it!


Why Measure Online Performance?

Your website is a tool that is meant to generate leads and sales. It's important to measure your website's performance to see how well it is meeting all of these goals.Certain analytical tools go beyond simply telling you if the performance is good or bad.

Instead, they offer ways for you to address any issues and make your site better than ever.

Keep reading to check out the top ten tips for analysing online performance!

Setting Your Own Goals

Before you can begin to measure performance, you have to find a measuring stick. You can do this by creating tangible performance goals for your business.

Maybe you are trying to generate a certain percentage of new leads this quarter. Or perhaps you have an ambitious sales goal to help end the fiscal year with a bang.

Set the firm goal for your company. Then you can measure how well your website is contributing towards this goal, allowing you to measure your own success.

Check Your Up-time

Chances are that some of your favourite websites have been down from time to time. Have you ever wondered how often it's happening with your own website?

It's important for you to measure your website's up time. Ideally, your site should be up 99.9% of the time.

If your up time is below that number, you'll need to make improvements. These improvements may require financing additional equipment and services.

These financed changes will pay for themselves by increasing your sales. Remember that every second that your site is down is a potential lost sale!

Set KPIs

To help measure goals, set at least five key performance indicators. These will give you and your team explicit metrics that you can monitor from month to month.

The KPIs also help measure the success of any changes that you make. This is a good way to gauge the effectiveness of everything from advertisement to a full redesign of your website.

Check Your Speed

Smartphones have put the power of the internet into the pocket of every consumer. A side effect of this is that consumers have become very impatient with online content.

One reason consumers may be turning away from your website is that it takes too long to load. If these prospective customers must wait too long, they'll likely give up and go on to another website.

This is why you need to measure the Time to First Byte. It is especially important to measure if your site takes over three seconds to load for most users.

By reducing the Time to First Byte, you increase the number of consumers who engage with your content. Keep in mind that it's worth financing major technological renovations to increase customer usability.

Focus on Total ROI

There are many different metrics for measuring the success of your business. This can make it difficult to truly understand the effectiveness of your online performance.

This is why you should focus on measuring total ROI. This lets you fully account for the different parts of your online presence, including media and consumer management.

Focusing on total ROI lets you focus on the most important number and the ways your business can drive this number higher. And this lets you know when it's worth investing in site improvements in order to boost your long-term ROI.

Check for Broken Links

Whether you have created a new site or renovated an old one, you face a potential problem. This problem is broken links.

It's important to understand your customers may find your website through a variety of links and sources. If they stumble on a broken link, they are far less likely to explore your site.

Use online tools to check for broken links. Keep in mind that every broken link represents several broken opportunities for sales conversions.

Don't Focus on the Competition

The success of your business depends on standing out. That typically means you want to be better than the competition.

It's natural for you to compare your website performance to that of your competition. However, this comparison doesn't always make sense.

Your nearest eCommerce competitors may be bigger than you or smaller than you. Or there may be other factors that make the comparison less than useful.

Focus instead on your own growth from month to month and year to year to measure your true success.

Global Accessibility

The beauty of the internet is that it connects businesses on a global level. However, many businesses are still thinking locally.

Your website may load and perform very quickly in your area. However, it may offer slow speeds and terrible performance to someone across the world.

Use various online tools to check your website performance from different areas across the world. This is one of the best ways to encourage global sales and marketing success.

Look Past the Channels

There is a recent trend in marketing to focus on channels of content. However, this focus often overlooks the consumer.

All your customer really cares about is how you can make their lives better. They see their lives as a series of problems in need of a solution.

Use CRM to measure user response to the content of your site. Gather demographic information and tailor your content to the needs of your primary users.

Ultimately, they won't care about what the channel is. They'll care about the company who cares about their problems.

Quality Audit

Your website is the first impression most customers will have of you. This is why it's important to conduct regular quality audits.

Create several measures for your audit. This includes how intuitive your site is, how purposeful each page is, and how well the design suits your demographic.

As you make changes over time, continue conducting your audits. Remember to keep track of changes to the number of visitors and sales conversions.

You will eventually discover what your customers love most about your business. Every audit should move you closer to giving them what they need!

The Bottom Line

Measuring online performance is crucial to the success of your business. It's tough to measure this performance and succeed on your own. Fortunately, you have a helping hand!

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