10 Best UK Based Business Ideas to Develop in Autumn 2017

Need an idea for a new business venture that is guaranteed to become successful by the close of 2017? Although there’s only a few months left, you can still become successful beyond your wildest dreams if you apply yourself quickly. Check out these 10 incredible business ideas and round out 2017 with a real bang.

1. Run a Virtual Assistant Matching Service

Personal assistants who know how to follow directions and take pride in a doing a job well done are hard to find, especially for business professionals with limited time. If you know a few people who need some extra cash and are proficient on the computer, you can start a virtual assistant company that is out of this world. Become a matchmaker to the stars for high ranking company officials and you’ll continuously get new leads.

2. Offer Custom Photos and Editing Services

If you can take nice looking photos and you’re good at editing pictures on the computer, you can use your artistic talents to start a popular new business venture this year. Take photos of popular tourist attractions, or get hired to do photoshoots for up and coming magazines. Either way, you’ll get to make the world a little more beautiful and get paid at the same time.

3. Sell Mobile Phone Accessories Online

Everyone loves a cute phone accessory that keeps their mobile devices fashionable as well as protected. Most cell phone accessories can be purchased in bulk for cheap, you’ve just got to find a quality source. Determine if you want to have your cell phone accessories drop shipped to customers or if you want to make more money by personally packaging and sending each order yourself.

4. Build Your Own Clothing Brand

Whether you decide to print up a few simple t-shirts, or go all out and develop a new collection of clothing every season, successful fashion designers are always in demand. Launch a clothing brand by building a website and locating fashionistas who enjoy your personal aesthetic. Create jewellery and accessories to go with your new clothing brand and you can have customers dressed from head to toe in your handmade creations.

5. Launch a Food Truck Business

Who doesn’t enjoy grabbing a bite to eat while on the go? As a mobile truck business owner you can literally take meals on the road and search for hungry diners at every turn. Use your food truck to start up a catering service or serve drowsy clubgoers as they stagger back to their flats on the weekends. You can run a food truck as a part-time business that helps you to generate a full-time income.

6. Learn to Write Code and Create Online Games

Some people are able to teach themselves how to learn PHP, CSS, XHTML and other basic coding languages in a few short months. If you have an eye for design and can decipher computer coding languages better than most, you definitely need to get into the online game creation market. Those simple video games that you see online available for free play or download are making their creators millions of pounds a year in revenues.

7. Resell Websites

If you know how to pick out a memorable domain name, sign up for web hosting and create a website that gets constant hits, becoming a website reseller just might be the right kind of business for you to get into. Website resellers also pick up successfully launched websites from others and sell them for a fee. This means that you can become the middleman of sorts for website builders and buyers who don’t want to let their ideas go to waste.

8. Become a Wedding Planner

With thousands of couples expected to tie the knot between now and the end of the year, you can get booked solid by approaching wedding planning from a different angle. Character themed weddings are quite the rage right now, so why not rent some costumes and get your friends to help you build out your wedding planning portfolio. Find a few funky venues and create partnerships with florists, caterers, boutique hotel owners, and transportation companies so that you can plan out complete wedding packages.

9. Write CVs for Professionals

If you think getting a degree is hard enough, wait until you sit down and try to objectively write out a compelling CV. That’s precisely the reason that you should start your own CV writing service to aid professionals who are struggling to describe their accomplishments within a set amount of words. You can advertise online, go to local universities or even volunteer to write a few personalised CVs until your new business gains some attention.

10. Become a Business Consultant

Small business owners need discipline and direction in order to stay the course and keep up with their lists of things to do. As a business consultant, you can meet with clients over the phone, schedule times to meet in person and help them to achieve all of their goals. You can specialise in industries where you have personal experience, or go into other areas of business where your networking skills would come in handy.

Some businesses can be started with just a few simple ideas, but most of all you’ll need to be determined. Find an opening in the market and fulfil a need that none of your competitors have thought of before. Most of all, don’t give up even after the year comes to a close.